Eye candy by Pavel Emelyanov. Check the project HERE



A typographic experiment by Ryan Atkinson & Stephan De Lange.

The description of their project on Behance is very clear, so I will copy and paste exactly what are these bunch of dope typo-posters.

“Good designers like fonts. Great designers find them physically arousing.

With this thought in mind, we set out to dramatize designers everlasting love affair with Grotesk fonts, and democratically determine which one got designers’ juices flowing the most.

We designed a poster inviting people to vote, with the promise that their name would appear on the final product, and posted it on various design blogs and social media sites.

The web address on the poster directed users to a site (http://vote.ryanatkinson.info
) with multiple examples of Grotesk fonts, and allowed them to vote for their favourite.

This information was then translated into statistical data, and used as the basis for the design, where we used typographical grids to layout all the information.”  

Professional Project - Learning Agreement

For my professional project I aim to produce a body of work around the theme of print based media, I want to look at the beauty of print and how it can add to the depth of a piece of work and give it the added dimension that cannot be reproduced through digital printing techniques. I would like to focus on the beauty of ‘the mistake’ and how it can benefit a piece of work.


I will gather information from several sources, these will include literature from the library which i will use to look as the historical context of print. I will also be looking through the off cuts and scrap pieces of work in the print room to try and find as many examples of mistakes as I can. I will predominantly spend my time in the print room to try and find the best examples of mistakes in peoples work as well as trying to make my own mistakes which I can document through photography and in my sketchbook.


For my final outcome I would like to design a publication that would show and explain the importance and beauty of hand printing and the mistakes that add depth to peoples work. I want the publication to be a juxtaposition of the imperfection of the content of the book and instead be a clean, crisp, well presented publication that has no mistakes. I plan to produce the publication through a selection of different printing techniques including - screen printing, and letterpress (both woodblock and metal set type). I would like the publication to be professionally bound so it juxtaposes the roughness of the print inside.


To create a successful publication I will also be looking at grids and layout, which will allow me to create a publication that flows well and is easy to read and understand. I want my publication to be more about the prints rather than being text heavy. I want to consider the paper stock for my publication as this plays a major part in the finished aesthetic, the paper stock should compliment the texture of the printing to give the best finish to the pages of the publication whilst preserving its tactile qualities.

Oreo stuffed chocolate chip cookies (Taken with instagram)

Final group of photos from our screen printing session

(Photos by Charlie Gregory and Sam Cardy)