One of many photos I took at the Thorpe Park Ride and Rave event

This Is a design project I have been working on for a Bournemouth based DJ pairing known as BITCOOL. I worked in collaboration with Charlie Gregory to create the logo for this new brand identity, These designs are my developments of the project specifically the illustration. I will post further images of the finished design with the type work created by Charlie Gregory.

After the success of the newsletters, myself and Adrian were commissioned to produce a poster for the Inspire 2012 programme meeting with MP’s

After the success of the first newsletter, Adrian and myself were asked to produce another newsletter with the same layout but tweaked to fit different texts. This is the finished second newsletter.

This is the first finished newsletter we created.

This is some of the development from our live brief for the Inspire 2012 Programme. At the beginning of the brief we were told that we were to produce a newsletter that would hold the local information for the south west region of the Inspire 2012 Programme and be distributed amongst its members to inform them of what had been going on and what was due to happen in their region. We started by looking at using the olympic purple as the primary colour for the document, but were soon told by the client that this colour was not authorised to be used. Adrian then developed the complete layout of the newsletter and came up with an acceptable colour scheme that lent itself well to the newsletter and allowed the reader to comprehend the text more easily.